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Attitude MotorSports is your friendly motocross track side support. Providing customer service with a superior attitude. We offer both minor track side repairs and full service repairs. We also have trackside parts and accessories. With years of experience as riders and mechanics, our staff will handle all of your motocross needs.

We live, work, race and ride in the Northern Oregon and Washington area. You will find us at Mountain View MX park this summer.

If you need any motocross parts, accessories or just want to visit, stop by and see us. We are here to support you!

Mechanic Tip of the Week

Just 1 minute. That's it, 60 easy seconds. Your bike is asking just one additional minute of your time. What can I do in just 1 minute? You can do a quick check of all of the bearings on your bike that are not part of your engine. With your bike on a stand and both tires off the ground, secured so it will not fall over.

Here is how to do a quick check of your bearings.

  1. To check your front and rear wheel bearings. Do this, Place one hand on your frame or handle bars and the other at the 12:00 position on your tire gently push and pull the wheel sideways while looking at the hub where the axle enters it. Even the tiniest bit of up or down movement at this point is a sign of a worn out bearing.
  2. Next slowly rotate your wheel and feel for any unusual drag not associated with your brakes. Any notchy feeling is grounds for a bearing replacement.
  3. To do a quick check on your rear suspension linkage. Start with your chest over your rear fender and use both hands to grip your rear wheel at the 12:00 position. Gently lift the wheel upward if you feel any movement before your shock starts to compress you may have worn linkage or shock bearings.
  4. Now place your hand on your back tire at the aft end at the 3:00 position try to move it side to side and watch for any movement at the swing-arm.
  5. Next its time to look at the front end.. Position yourself in front of your bike and grab the bottom of both fork legs and pull them toward you. You can feel 2 different items here the bushings inside your forks and the bearings in the steering head. You should be able to discern which if any of these is providing any movement felt. If you need to, have someone pull on the bottom of the fork legs while you place a finger alongside the bearings to feel for any movement. be sure not to turn your handle bars when your fingers are next to the bearings or you can get a nasty pinched finger. Next with your fingers out of the way slowly turn your handle bars side to side any notchyness is a sign of worn bearings.

If you are ever unsure of how any of these items should feel to you, simply swing by your dealers showroom and do the same test on a new bike. Hay it only takes a minute.

Written by Dave Ryan

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